MTV Cribs- Worldwide 2006
E! Television, " Most outrageous celebrity moments" 2006
E! Television " 101 Hottest celebrity bodies" 2006
Sky Channel UK "Project Catwalk- Celebrity judge 2006/07.
Mediaset, Italy "Schetza parte" 2007
TF1, France "La rue de la Fortune" Host 2006/07
TF1 " Chez Cauet" Celebrity guest 2006
TF1 "Attantion a la marche" Noel special, celebrity guest Dec 2006.
TF1 "NRJ Music Awards" Cannes, Presenter, Jan 2007
Channel 4 ,UK "World music Award show" London,
Celebrity Presenter 2006.
Channel 4 Sweden, "Ocean Avenue" 7 episodes, Guest star.
NBC- Pilot "Good cop, Bad cop" Dir. Jon Favreau, Guest star.
Spelling/FOX- "Melrose Place" 2 episodes, Guest star.
FX network, "Son of the Beach" 3 episodes, guest star.
Fox- "Unhappily ever after" guest star.
NBC "Malibu CA" guest star
E! Television "Wild on" Host.
E! Television, "Gossip show" Host.
Entertaintment Tonight "Calender and music video" Guest.
E! Television "The Howard Stern show" Guest
CBS- "Candid Camera" Host.
Sci-Fi channel "Black Scorpion" 2 episodes Guest star.
Channel 4 UK- "Euro Trash" Host
BBC1 "The Johnny Vaughan Show" Guest
CBS "The late late show with Craig Kilborn" Guest
NBC "Conan O"Brian show" guest

Movies"La mia vite stelle e strisce" Italy, Lead
"Boat trip" Dir, Mort Nathan. M.p.c.a Artisan pictures, Co-star
"Out cold" Spyglass Entertaintment/Walt Disney, Lead
"Basketball" Universal Pictures, Cameo.
"Zoolander" Universal Pictures, Cameo.
"Ivanextc" Mapi Productions, Cameo.
"She said i love you" Megahertz productions, Co-star
"Beach movie" Destination pictures, Co-star.
"The independent" Dir, Bernard Rose,Artisan, Co-star.
"Mareciallo Colombo" Dir, Carlo Vanzina,Italy ,Lead.
"Bodyguard" De Laurentis, Italy , Lead.

GUESS Jeans Spokes model 1998,99
Triumph Lingerie ad 
Coors beer ad and commercial
Patron Tequila spokesmodel
Killians Irish Red, Spokesmodel and commercial,
Ultimate Figthing championship, ads
Rasisson Hotel, TV commercial
Blockbuster Video, Tv commercial
Renault , Tv commercial
Washington Mutual , Tv commercial, Dir, Christoffer, Guest
Yellow pages, Tv commercial, Italy
Go Mobile, Uk ads
Maxpower, Uk, Spokesmodel
OTTO Lingerie, Germany
AB/SOUL, Italy
AQUA jeans, Italy
AXE Showergel, UK
AZZARO Couture, 
MED Swimwear, Greece